Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing in Braselton

In April, I read an article entitled, “The Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing Workout” from AFPA~ American Fitness Professionals and Associates website. 
As this was my first article summary, I thought the subject was pertinent since I’d like to be able to know and verbalize the benefits of cardio kickboxing to clients.  I learned that kickboxing is a total body workout and, unlike exercises that target one specific area, kickboxing will change the shape of your body.  If you target only specific areas, there is still fat underneath newly developed muscle which may increase a person’s size.  For example, targeting abdominals with sit-ups and other ab-specific exercises will develop muscle.  However, waist size can increase without a cardio component to burn the fat from the area.   Another benefit of kickboxing is that it is an efficient use of work out time.  It incorporates the five main areas of fitness; cardio respiratory, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility.  Third, cardio kickboxing teaches valuable self-defense skills.  Unlike kicking or punching the air, kickboxing utilizes physical feedback and techniques learned can actually be used in a self-defense situation. 
Using the ‘bag’ creates resistance which is more aligned with real fighting and also strengthens muscles.  Having a physical target also provides specific focus.  Cardio kickboxing increases self-confidence, the way a person postures himself, and relieves stress.  It’s a workout that increases release of endorphins which can alleviate pain and even depression.  It’s a positive way to release negative feelings and decrease aggression.  Kickboxing leaves a person calmer post-workout.  Cardio kickboxing is also an exercise that increases energy levels.  A person can work at his or her own pace and skill level.  It leads to greater self-discipline. .  It’s also great for athletes on or off-season as well as all age groups.  Since kickboxing is an individual workout in a group setting, students can advance their techniques from basic while others work at their own pace.  Techniques are also easily modified for injured or clients with difficulties. Lastly, cardio kickboxing is fun~ the music is motivating and appeals to most interest levels.. 
In summary, I learned some of the less well known facts about cardio kickboxing’s benefits.  I previously knew how I personally benefit~ it’s a great stress release, all over workout, and fun!  I never considered the self-defense benefits or that it is an efficient use of workout time.  Instead of spending time just running or lifting weights, cardio kickboxing incorporates all facets of exercise. Since I enjoy “changing it up”, I think kickboxing does that.  I’ve noticed that improvements in my own cardio, flexibility and strength. I personally feel those results and enjoy better sleep.  I enjoy that while it is an individual achievement, there is a social component. Group class dynamics has always been a motivation for me.  My favorite line in the article, “The most demure feminine women turn into very scrappy fighting machines with controlled aggression.”  I think it’s an empowering fitness experience for everyone.  I personally would like to think of myself as a “very scrappy fighting machine.”  

Written By Kerry Caron Kick Boxing Instructor

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