Thursday, October 30, 2014

Are You Under a Lot of Stress? - Flowery Branch Kickboxing

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While stress can push a person to do well under situations, continuous pressure without relief results in negative consequences. Aside from the potential health problems caused by stress, as discussed on WebMD, it also harms the mind. It causes people to be hostile, have irregular food patterns, and increase anxiety and depression. This attention seeker also lets people dwell and skip out on everything good.With a little bit of exercise squeezed into the day, like in a kickboxing studio at Flowery Branch Kickboxing, people’s day will be brighter.

Flowery Branch Kickboxing = An infinity of benefits!

  • Great for the built-up anger, depression, and anxiety in response to stress.
  • Makes people take a break from life and concentrate on something else.
  • Produces positive energy.
  • Awesome connections with encouraging kickboxing instructors.
  • Results that reel in confidence.
  • Boosts self-esteem.
  • New Friends.
  • Positive changes for life!

Although people react to stress differently from one another, they receive similar benefits from exercise. And with a motivating work out like kickboxing at I Love Kickboxing Buckhead, people change incredibly.

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Written by: Christie McGowan

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