Monday, February 24, 2014

Kids and Sports.

It seams to me that little, well I am not going to use any names like Johnnie, or Billy. For what I am about to say I will call them "little PC" (politically correct). So little PC goes out for a sport and is on a team. Unfortunately little PC is not very good at chosen sport. He/She sits with the other participants and watches the event and gets a trophy for just being there. The everybody wins no matter what is a great up lifting idea to make all the kids happy and better in life. So then we have a group growing believing they are entitled to whatever life has to offer as opposed to earning it. In Martial Arts you are not entitled to be a good kicker or get a belt you are to earn it. Yes there are some places that may give you the next level or belt with out showing proficiency, that is not the way here at Choe's HapKiDo the no one is left behind attitude has been left behind or not up for consideration. You must earn each rank and show a good understanding and skill level to move on. This helps to drive a student to develop ambition and feel a sense of accomplishment with each rank. The entitlement program is not a Martial Art way or a way that I want to have my child learn. It does nothing for self-discipline if you think that you can just show up and get a prize. skill  level through practice and work. Work ethics is not something that a person develops when they just get a prize by doing nothing. You can make your kids feel all warm and fuzzy and not strive beyond the bench, or they can get a real life lesson by earning it and get a real warm feeling of accomplishment. Martial Arts disciplines the mind to attain that self accomplishment through practice and work. What kind of world would we have if no one was willing to work towards their goals. If we expected the food on the table to just show up and not know ow it was made or who made it. What kind of job can we expect our child to have who does not have a good work ethics and thinks its just going to be given to them. How will their life be better, is that not what we want for our child a better life.
What motivation to be better will a person have if they never lost at a game, what drive would be shown by someone that got a trophy for bench warming. Martial Arts teaches you to attain a
If we just hand things over to them then we may think that it is better with the instant joy. When  the reality is we are denying them the ability to survive in the real world. Some Martial Arts schools focus on kicking or punching, some on the weapons and attacks. The real Martial Artist is the one who has learned, how to learn, how to be taught, how to fall down dust themselves off and keep fighting. Fighting for them or what they are trying to succeed in, isn't that what we really want for or children the ability to succeed. With the everybody wins attitude is that really teaching our kids how to succeed.

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